About us

Alif Industries Ltd. is a dynamic organization, managed by Professionals. Our pride that we work in Alif to swell up Bangladeshi Products in the international market considering Choice & fashions for the satisfaction of the quality conscious buyer keeping in mind all through their recognition in the measure.

Alif Industries Ltd (Previous Sajib knitwear and Garments Ltd) was established as a Private Limited Company in August 1992 under the company act 1913. It was then converted to a “Public Limited Company” in 1995. In October 1995, the company first time floated its share through Initial Public Offering (IPO). The  company was enlisted with Dhaka Stock Exchange and Chittagong Stock Exchange for public trading its share in Dec 1995.The Company started its business as an export oriented Garments industry having full composite unit, knitting , Dyeing & Garments. Its factory is located at 05 Tatki, Tarabo, Rupganj, Narayanganj.

During the course of business, previous management availed project loan from Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited, keeping lien its Sponsor / Directors Shares in the bank. The Company incurred huge loss and therefore unable to repay the loan in due time. At one stage bank liabilities stood at TK 15.00 crore. The bank stopped opening of Export L/C due to nonpayment of bank loan. As such company was compelled to close production of garments but kept open the only Dyeing section for local market in 2008. Finding no other way, the then management, with the help of bank, signed an agreement with ALIF GROUP, a renowned group of companies, which is pioneer in Textile Garments Industry. As per agreement, the then management of Sajib knitwear and Garments Limited sold their entire Sponsor/Directors shares and transferred the Management to Alif group.

Alif Group, after taking over the management of the company in 2010-11, paid substantial penalty to BSEC (which was imposed due to non-compliance  of some rules during that time period), paid all pending listing fees of DSE and held the pending 6 years AGM on August 2014 with the permission of the Hon’ble high court. Then, company’s authorized capital has been increased to TK.50.00 crore from 10.00 crore in April 2014.  The management has raised Tk. 125 million by issuing 1.25 million ordinary shares (Tk 100 each) to the board of directors only with the consent of BSEC to repay the bank loan mentioned above. The company has also changed its name to ALIF INDUSTRIES LTD from Sajib Knitwear and Garments Ltd in March, 2015.   

Alif Industries Limited- Throughout the ages      



Date of Incorporation

02 August, 1992

Started Commercial Operation

31 August, 1992

Converted to Public Limited Company


Flotation of Shares

30 September, 1995

Listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)

06 December, 1995

Listed in Chittagong Stock Exchange

09 December, 1995

First AGM held

26 December, 1996

De-Listed from main market


Takeover by the new management


Started Demating Shares

May, 2015

Approval of Capital Raise by BSEC

09 December, 2014

Restarted Export


Company Name Change

March, 2015

100% Export oriented Knit Garments

July, 2016

Approval for Re-Listed in Dhaka Stock Exchange main bourses

December 17, 2017

Approval for Re-Listed in Chittagong Stock Exchange  bourses

January 24, 2018

Trading re-started in Dhaka Stock Exchange main bourse

December 28, 2017

Trading re-started in Chittagong Stock Exchange main bourse

January 25, 2018